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Главная - Английский язык - Flora and Fauna of the USA

Flora and Fauna of the USA Английский язык . Реферат

  • Тема: Flora and Fauna of the USA
  • Автор: Мария
  • Тип работы: Реферат
  • Предмет: Английский язык
  • Страниц: 14
  • Год сдачи: 2004
  • ВУЗ, город: ПГУ (Пермь)
  • Цена(руб.): 500 рублей

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To begin the conversation about animals and pland word of North America is better to start with explanation of climate conditions and gografical situation of the region, in order to clear understanding of such a wide diversity of spices.
USA encompasses about 21.5 million km², between latitudes 26° and 85° N, and longitudes 15° W and 173° E, and it stretches from the Florida Keys northward to Ellesmere Island, and from Greenland westward to Attu Island in the Aleutian Archipelago. Widest in the north, the continent narrows sharply at the Gulf of Mexico. South of the United States border with Mexico, it tapers gradually to the Isthmus of Panama. It is surrounded by three oceans---the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic, respectively to the north, west, and east---and by the Gulf of Mexico to the south. It is separated from northeast Asia by the Pacific Ocean, and by the epicontinental Bering Sea, the Chukchi Sea, and the connecting Bering Strait. The Greenland and Norwegian seas, as well as the North Atlantic Ocean, separate North America from Europe and link the Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean; the Denmark Strait divides Greenland from Iceland. The Strait of Florida divides North America from the West Indies (Cuba).


1. Climite and Geography of USA
2. History of North America vegetation
3. Weeds
4. Examples of American plants
5. Animals of USA
1) Coyot
2) Jaguarundi
3) Ocelot
4) Grizzly
5) Sea otter
6) River otter
7) Scorpion
8) Alligator
9) Salamander
6. Conclusion. The best way to explore wildlife in USA


Climate and Physiography of North America, Luc Brouillet R. David Whetstone , N.Y, 1995
Botany for the next mellenium, Christine Miot , Harward, 1998
Wildlife of the USA and its territories, John K. Francis, New Orleans, LA , 1987
Descriptive fauna of USA and ajacent islands, Lioger H.A., Harward University, 1994

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