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Главная - Английский язык - Norman England

Norman England Английский язык . Курсовая

  • Тема: Norman England
  • Автор: Юлия
  • Тип работы: Курсовая
  • Предмет: Английский язык
  • Страниц: 39
  • Год сдачи: 2010
  • ВУЗ, город: Москва
  • Цена(руб.): 1500 рублей

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Research actuality. We know that in 1070 a certain Ioannis Rafailis, an Imperial agent or \'prospatharios\' came to England recruiting for the Imperial Army. Young Englishmen and Anglo-Danes, especially those of noble birth, would certainly have been attracted.
All the more so, since though the Emperor faced the Turks in the East, in the West, especially in Southern Italy, Sicily and Dalmatia, he faced the hated Normans; what better way for an Englishman of avenging himself?
Fourthly, there were those who did not like the new order in the Church or in the State under the Normans. Spiritually they could find refuge in Constantinople and the freedom to continue to live in the ritual and the spirit of the Old English Church in the imperial Capital.
Perhaps unconsciously their instincts and feelings drew them to that City which symbolised the unity of Christendom through the Old English period and which had had so many connections with the Apostles of the English, Gregory and Augustine...\"
Research Aim: to investigate the features of Britain’s conquest by Normans.
Research Tasks:
- to analyze the Norman conquest and its rules;
- to expose a linguistic situation in England of the investigated period;
- to write two plan-compendia’s of the lesson on the given topic;
- to formulate the own position on the investigated problem and give methodical recommendations concerning its studying at school.
Structure. The work consists of introduction, two chapters, conclusions and list of literature, appendixes.


1.1. The Norman Conquest and Feudalism 4
1.2. The linguistic situation in England during the Norman Conquest 12
1.3. Norman Rules in Britain 14
2.1. Lessons according the theme 20
2.2. Analyzes and recommendations 27


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